Is a Post-MBA Career in Consulting the Right Choice for You?

Are you thinking about a post-MBA career in consulting but are not quite sure if it is a fit for you? This article outlines the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.


  1. Love traveling? If you see yourself on the road and do not mind the constant fast paced dynamic -- then consulting could be the right fit for you. Don’t forget all the travel perks, miles and hotel bonuses that come with the jetset life.

  2. Are you not sure what your long term career goals are? Then consulting allows you to try a broad range of industries, clients, and types of work. You could find yourself in a mix of technology, marketing, financial services, and operations throughout a one year span of your career.

  3. A big name consulting company like McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Deloitte or Accenture could have a large impact on your resume. Getting experience at a consulting company can almost be seen as getting another degree. It opens the doors for more exit opportunities. This is ideal if you see consulting as a stepping stone in your career.


  1. Hate traveling? The idea of getting staffed locally is not always a guarantee at most companies.

  2. You know exactly what type of industry and clients you want to work with? Why not instead go into corporate strategy for a firm that aligns with that specific interest so you are guaranteed to get staffed on work you are passionate about? For example, if you're interested in media, you could try to go into the corporate strategy division of Disney or YouTube instead.

  3. Case interviews are a time intensive activity. Casing is such a big investment during your business school experience that it is actually recommended to not recruit for more than one industry if you’re pursuing consulting. Not everyone is always ready to put all their eggs in one basket.

If you are enticed by these pros and not deterred by these cons, then consulting might be the right post-MBA career for you. If you want to talk more through the decision or any part of the MBA admissions application process, contact the BeSpoke team today at The BeSpoke team can help you navigate through these critical decisions or any other part of your MBA application!

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