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Committed to Excellence

At BeSpoke MBA, we understand that applying to business school is a daunting task. This is why we clearly outline the process and take our clients through step by step. We help clients with a range of services and customize to individual needs. Our priority is your success. 

Our team of consultants is ready to help you map out your business school strategy. 


Stage 1: Self-Assessment Exercises

During stage one of the process, the BeSpoke team will guide you through a series of self-assessment exercises to help identify experiences relevant to your candidacy that will differentiate you from other applicants.

Stage 2: Creating Your Target List of Schools

After reviewing your profile, assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and gaining an understanding of your goals, the BeSpoke team will help you create a list of recommended target schools. With an extended network and team of admissions representatives at top business schools, BeSpoke is equipped with inside knowledge of what admissions committees are looking for in a candidate.

Stage 3: Defining Career Goals

Developing an understanding of your passions will set the foundation for your business school application. Bespoke will guide you on how to use your strengths to define your career goals. After the BeSpoke Professional Development exercises you will not only be able to articulate your career goals, you will understand how to pursue them to get the most of your MBA.

Stage 4: Resume and Recommendation Letter

Resume: At BeSpoke, we take an individualized approach to make sure your resume presents you in the most favorable light. We work with you to unpack your talents, skills, and competencies, and assist you in identifying success stories that will allow you to stand out as a superior candidate.

Recommendation Letter: After assisting you in identifying recommenders who can best speak to your experiences, we will provide you with a recommendation packet that you will deliver to your recommenders to guide them on how to write a recommendation letter that best complements your application package.

Stage 5: Writing Your Essays

Essays are an influential component of the application process. The BeSpoke team will carefully guide you through multiple rounds of editing. During each round, we will provide you with feedback and serve as resources to help you craft a compelling narrative. If needed, we will also walk you through several writing exercises as they apply to your essays to assist you in delivering an essay that helps you stand out from the rest.

Stage 6: Writing Your Short Answers

BeSpoke will guide you on how to write your short answers by providing tips and insight into what the admissions committees are looking for. When drafting your short answer responses, you should consider your application overall. The team will work with you on conveying the relevant key points you need to address in your short answers.

Stage 7: Final Application Review

We will review your application prior to submission to the schools of your choice and provide you with feedback.

Stage 8: Interview Preparation

We will conduct a mock interview with you using questions that have been asked in the past at your selected schools. We will share what admissions committees are looking for during the interview process and help you refine your responses. By the end of the interview preparation, you will be comfortable, confident, and ready to walk into your interview!

Stage 9: Post-Acceptance Counseling

Your support does not stop once you receive your acceptance letters! The BeSpoke team will provide objective advice as you consider which school you ultimately would like to attend.